Corsage Flowers

Since it’s April and where I live we are teased with glimpses of sunshine it’s only natural that I should add my own touch of Spring where I can, right? That’s the least I can do during these dragging-on-forever-cold months.

Corsage flowers makes a great workshop as we get ready for spring.

Turning strips of fabric into flowers is something I just can’t get enough of… please say you can relate. I’m not the only one that sees a friend with a flower clipped in her hair and wants to run to the nearest fabric store to make one of every color, am I? Okay, good. Then I’m bet you would enjoy this class.

Through awesome HD video tutorials you will learn 5 different techniques to make your own fabric flowers. The kit will include cream, taupe and pink fabric, pins to wear flowers as a corsage & a sash to tie flowers on as a belt, if you wish. The lessons will also include ways to incorporate flowers in your wardrobe. Should be splendid.

This is the Rosie who not only showed how cute the flowers are but she styled the photography shoot and I think she is charming from head to toe. It was great working along side her and I can’t wait to collaborate with her again.

You can wear them all together or just the neutrals or add some pink for some pop. Sign up for Corsage Flowers class here.


Supplies Needed:

  • Needle and Thread
  • Hot glue or Fabric glue (Fabritac)

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